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Tap into a growing market, 2x in one month, $480M traded daily via Telegram bots.

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Unleash Crypto TG

Build a Telegram bot that allows degens to interact with any protocol, snipe upcoming launches, buy/sell tokens. Launch the next go-to crypto Telegram bot on Ethereum, Base Chain, Polygon and more 👀


Increase Engagement

Increase engagement by allowing users to interact with your DApp via your own user-friendly Telegram bot. Enable voting for proposals via TG for your DAO.


Start Monetizing

Enable monetization in your community. Charge for every user trade through the bot, enable tips, and accept payments via the Telegram bot.


<aside> ℹ️ Telegram bots are dominating the DeFi space because of their 10x user experience. Adoption of YOUR project would soar if people could interact with it through bots like Unibot or Maestro.



Offer your users something far more secure than what’s out there; we don’t hold private keys, and our smart contract audit results are publicly available